Meet our team

We play the lead role in our lives. Also, we have different backgrounds. We have complementary profiles and share the same dream: To live in a more just and egalitarian society. Afroricas is our strategy to build the world we believe in. It is a project for life.

Gabriella is an inquisitive and spontaneous sociologist who creates genuine stories wherever she goes. She is the soul of our brand. Geórgia is a curious and initiative-taking engineer driven by great challenges. She is the mastermind behind our creative work.

The fact that we are different from each other makes us powerful and able of expanding the reach of our work!

Gabriella Safe holds a degree in Social Sciences from the University of Brasília and an MA in Media Practices for Social Development and Change from the University of Sussex, in the UK. She has already founded a feminist collective, worked as an educator in public education, and developed research projects on racial issues.

She found her calling in the realm of providing training to people. She has worked for companies in Brazil and Mexico. In 2017, she founded Afroricas with the aim of democratizing opportunities for Black women to achieve better working and living conditions.

Geórgia Barbosa holds a degree in Chemical Engineering from Uni-BH and is a master's candidate in social innovation and entrepreneurship at LSE, in the UK. She has been investing her skills in the field of education and project management to put into practice her knowledge of processes in social organizations with local and global impact.

She has managed projects to promote youth leadership in Brazil and India, while working in Brazil's technological market. In 2019, she became the co-founder of Afroricas to create strategies to connect the community with income distribution opportunities.

Afroricas Mentors

Berenice Alencar holds a BA in Psychology from Rio de Janeiro Federal University (UFRJ). Also, she holds a degree in Administration and People Management from FGV. She is an experienced Human Resources professional. Our mentor is a partner at Pacifica Continental, a multinational recruitment and selection consultancy.

In addition to being a very resolute and intelligent professional, she is an inspiring woman, aware of her own history, and committed to changing Brazil. Berenice believes that strategic alliances with the private sector can and should foster the economic empowerment of minorities.

Natália Folco sees herself as a professional with a fluid career. She guides her multiple interests through experiences, techniques, and intuition. She was also the co-founder of Moetá, an Ecological Culture Consultancy.

Natalia is a business mentor and career path coach, helping people discover their unique potential so they can have a more meaningful career. She is a certified coach by the Coaching and Mentoring ISOR® method. 

She is also a DISC Behavioral Analyst by Atools/Sulivan France, as well as a specialist developing entrepreneurs by using the method QEMP - Clinton Education.

Verônica Alonso holds an MA in International Law and Human Rights from The George Washington University. She has worked for several years at the Organization of American States (OAS), managing projects in international cooperation with a focus on the demands of vulnerable groups in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Founder of Agência Ciclos, her main goal is to enhance social transformation initiatives through digital ecosystems and create communication strategies, fundraising, and collaboration connecting impactful initiatives.