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Afroricas was set up to democratize the access to essential information for people's development, which is usually found outside conventional curricula.

We are Black professionals from several states of Brazil. All of us are looking for opportunities of enhancement in the job market. Therefore, through the Afroricas Inspiradoras series, we have found within our own community the references of success that we look up to! Their paths in life deserve to be seen and recognized. 

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First Season

All videos are available in Brazilian Portuguese.  

Mariana Moreira, Communications student from Rio de Janeiro. She has been working as a screenwriter since 2018. To date, she has collaborated with Programa Espelho, hosted by Lázaro Ramos, and Chama, agency network. In early 2019, Mariana joined the Greg News program team, HBO programming with Porta dos Fundos.

Adriana Roque advocates she is a "feminist psychologist" and only sees female patients in her practice in Belo Horizonte. Adriana has created the project "Para Ser a Mulher que Quiser" with the aim of addressing issues, such as self-esteem, health, and other topics with her audience. She also works in another empowerment project, "Empodera Teen" focused on young students from public schools in the capital of Minas Gerais.

Raíssa Campos is a fashion designer and content creator. At 22 years old and sporting unique energy, the carioca (native to Rio de Janeiro) was recognized for her work at SENAI Brasil Fashion event (2018). To his day, she still carries on personal projects focused on makeup and fashion on social media networks.

Nath Rodrigues is an instrumentalist, composer, singer, and capoeira fighter from Sabará. She told us about her perspectives on Blackness and ancestry, her background in music therapy and her work with Coletivo Negras Autoras. Nath Rodrigues mixes erudite and popular characteristics in her art and has already represented Brazil in international festivals, such as Sonora 2018.

Vitória Ribeiro holds a degree in Physical Education. She is from Piauí and works as a Brazilian Sign Language interpreter. She shared with us her perspectives on the social inclusion of people with hearing impairments and her references of Blackness and professionalism she looks up to.

Mari Martins told us about her international experiences and how they were important for her professional development. She is a carioca (native to Rio de Janeiro) who works at a music distributor company. She has also talked about her family background, worldviews, and perspectives on how to support the enhancement of other Black people.