We support generation and distribution of income through education!


We, AFRORICA$, came into being to build a reality of abundance in all aspects of our lives. May Black women be rich in rights, dreams, health, affection, self-esteem, spirituality, culture, money, and much more!

We first started as a project in 2017 and later became a social business. We transform resources from brands and allies into educational activities for our community. We believe that the individual and collective evolution of Black women is key for Brazil. 

What about you? Do you also believe that?

Our way of being

To achieve the ideal of collective abundance, we rely on values that shape our relationships with communities, brands, and people who get support from us.


We play the lead role! 
Our Orí (head) guides our actions.
We value our essence.


We believe in the power of exchanging ideas through interaction.
We connect powerful networks.

We support people getting stronger for the collectivity to be stronger.


We create trends based on our references.
We shape lives through education.

We want an abundant future for all women.


We regard people as more important than capital.
We invest affection in what we create.

We seek balance in everything we do.

Our Solutions

Join our community!

We produce content, classes, courses, mentorships, workshops, and events on personal finance, entrepreneurship, self-knowledge, career, and identity. Our goal is for you to interact with a platform that welcomes your subjectivities and provides you with meaningful interaction. Join us! 

Do you and your brand want to collaborate with us?

We connect with companies that invest in promoting ethnic-racial and gender equality. We offer consulting, campaign curation, sponsored content, educational activities, and research development. Your money is re-invested in educational activities for our community!


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Community Testimonials

Patrícia Souza

Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, Brazil

"Afroricas has inspired me to trust myself even if the world does not often do that! Being able to count on the support of extremely skilled Black women is a privilege that I hope will be more common in the future.

The mentoring process has made me see how important the initial processes of building a company are and how I can make a difference to become an empowered businesswoman."

Laís Hipólito

Brasília, Distrito Federal, Brazil

"Afroricas mentoring has stirred up a revolution within me. Being able to talk and learn about myself, to manage myself. All of that has made me see new paths and solutions for my life, not only for my finances, but also for my personal and professional lives as a whole.

I am grateful for the immense sensitivity and plenty of room to exchange ideas. Also, I am thankful for having learned so much in such a brief period of time!"

Edvânia de Souza

São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil

"Having a Black woman as a mentor, who has a different background from mine, has broadened my vision of the things I thought I was capable of doing. Afroricas Mentoring has helped me deepen self-knowledge, as it made me reflect more on my potential, my points of improvement and my reference of what success is.

I am grateful for believing more in myself and for the relationship we have created of exchanging ideas and being closer to people."

Institutional Support

LSE Generate (The London School of Economics)

We are part of the Generate Acceleration Programme (GAP) provided by LSE Generate. GAP is a 3-month part-time accelerator programme dedicated to the most promising early-stage startups co-founded by LSE students, staff, and alumni.   More info

LeCria Call for Proposals

"Trilha Abre Caminhos", our roadmap to foster Brazilian employment, has received seed investment by Instituto Caixa Seguradora, RUAS, and Jovem de Expressão. More info

UK-Brazil Tech Hub

Afroricas is one of 50 brands that joined Future Females Business School Brazil Cohort 1, an acceleration program for startups sponsored by the British government. More info

Negras Potências Call for Proposals

We have put together our education channel by means of a crowdfunding effort promoted by Fundo Baobá, Benfeitoria, Movimento Coletivo, and Instituto Coca-Cola. More info

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