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Afroricas Lab is a knowledge platform free of charge. We curate, create and provide digital self-management tools so that Black professionals have access to adaptable materials that are representative of their own reality.

We consider it important to connect theory and practice in educational actions to ensure better learning and promote meaningful exchanges while exposed to the content. Do you agree with this perspective? 

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All resources are available in Brazilian Portuguese. 

A method of financial organization for you to understand how to use your money in practice!

Strategically analyze your week and create healthy routines on a personal and professional level. 

Self-knowledge support tool with guiding questions for you to make your self-assessment.

Set a holistic, practical, and dynamic individual plan to achieve your goals!

Our Employability Roadmap offers career guidance for distinct stages of life and profiles. Sign up for "TRILHA ABRE CAMINHOS" and have access to directions, resume templates, expert advice, and much more!