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We are an education platform targeted at the individual and collective enhancement of the Black professional community. We genuinely want you to join our network!

We believe the digital realm amplifies our voices and makes room for diverse narratives. Establishing a dialogue with the Brazilian reality helps us understand how the job market can become a more welcoming environment for people with diverse personal and career needs. 

The road ahead of us is long and we are going ahead together.

Our resources

All resources are available in Brazilian Portuguese.

Telegram Channel

We share personal and career development opportunities for Black and indigenous women. AFRORICA$ CONECTA is a gateway to the founders' network!

Exclusive Materials

At AFRORICA$ LAB we create and democratize access to self-management tools so that our community can have access to educational materials that are adaptable, meaningful, and free of charge.


Professionals from all corners of Brazil register their CVs in our database so we can send them information on activities, tips, and opportunities suited to their profile. We want diversity and inclusion in the job market!


By means of CANAL AFRORICA$, we democratize the access to information about people skills, finances, networking, career, purpose, entrepreneurship, and travel.

We have created an Employability Roadmap free of charge! "TRILHA ABRE CAMINHOS" is meant for people looking for their first job, career transition, selection processes, professional self-knowledge, and career advancement.