Establish a dialogue with our community

If you are genuinely interested in promoting the personal and professional development of our community, we are ready to co-create with your company!

We know there are numerous ideas for working on ethnic-racial diversity and inclusion. Therefore, we focus on some scopes of action to guide our conversation.

We look forward to hearing from you. Contact us at:

Market Intelligence

We have developed studies from the perspective of Black Brazilian professionals. We did so to create attraction and engagement strategies based on a genuine and diverse exchange of ideas. We must understand what demands and expectations we place in the job market. To do so, we suggest research focused on the following topics:

Mapping of community interests and behaviors.

Diagnosis of diversity indicators.

Demographic and socioeconomic surveys.

Advertising Campaigns 

We co-create campaigns with brands genuinely interested in communicating with our audience. Afroricas' main goal is to mediate interactions that add value and quality information for our users. From single digital actions to more extensive processes, we develop:

Education activities (lives, webinars, lectures, training).

Consultancy for selection processes (attraction plan, affirmative action plan).

Drafting courses and useful materials.

Corporate Education

Investing in organizational culture is always a priority. To be meaningful, your company's products and solutions need to be connected to Brazil's reality. Please, bear in mind that Brazil is a mostly Black country. We offer these service options:

Awareness lectures (D&I in practice, Racial awareness in the workplace, Brazilian socioeconomic analysis).

Workshops and training sessions (for Black professionals and similar groups).

Internal marketing actions and educational digital campaigns.